Each one of us has our own ability to bounce back from failure. Yet the struggles that we face cloud our judgment and cause us to doubt ourselves. When you lose faith and confidence in yourself, you overlook your true potential and forget who you really are. It has been that kind of year. I could make all types of excuses but in the end it does not matter. The truth is I stopped believing in me. Everything was going so wonderful but I got caught up in the doubts, and listened to the inner voice saying you are not relevant, no one sees or reads this, your pictures are mediocre and on, and on, and on.

But it dawns on me, I am not doing this for anyone but myself, so the only person I can let down is me. If I give up, fade away, stop trying, most people will not notice but I will,  so as I wrote my post cards for the Liberate your art mail out my quote to those who will receive my best of the year is ;

          Believe in yourself

          Encourage yourself

          Never doubt who you are

So I am back! Watch out world……………..