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I running late as seems to be my norm these days, but there is something important I need to do. These past few years have been years of major change in my life and change is not always easy or comfortable but change is inevitable. One of the things which helped me work through the changes has been my love and now passion for photography. In many ways it forced me to get out and connect with the world. One of my new connections was a movement called “Liberate Your Art” I stumbled on this event and am so grateful I did. The participants choose 5 pieces of art work they have created and transform them into postcards. Kat Sloma organizes this event and collects all the postcards from the participants and swaps them out and mail them back out across the world.

This is my first of many years, to participate and the experience has been amazing. I will be honest in admitting I struggled tying to choose pictures I thought others would enjoy, but that was one more growing experience for me. I purposely only had one of each card made so I had to send it off alone to stand on its on merit in the world. Seeing my work in print was such a moment of joy. It gave me the affirmation, I am not just a weekend photographer, I am good. I have talent and skills and I see something in ordinary things others don’t.

Over a two week period the postcards from other began to arrive and then the connections started. I am so excited over the pieces I received, some very different from my art medium and some the same but each a small piece of someone else s heart and soul.

Here is a college of the postcards I received each am amazing piece of art

The first one top left is from Leslie A her website is leslieaphoto.com

Middle top is from Mary her work can be found at uncustomary.org

Top right is from Terri visit her at porterimages58.blogspot.com

Bottom left is from Stacie squirrellyduck.blogspot.com

Bottom center is from Adrienne toughcitywriter.blogspot

And lastly bottom right from Kat Sloma kateyestudio.com

Thank you to each of you for sharing a piece of your life with me and allowing me to not only “Liberate my Art but “ but also to liberate my self-confidence.



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