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I am trading out lunches for a protein shake this week, and editing pictures from an event last week which lead me to stop and ponder, Why do we always want the things which are the least healthy for us? I mean But in fact, we’re all obsessed with something: some of us may be obsessed with clothes, others with food and eating, still others with the way we look or with our work but we all want something we shouldn’t.

This shake is pretty good, packed with protein, no carbs, chocolate, peanut butter, butterscotch yummy…but the minute I saw the pictures of these cupcakes and crackers all I could think about was all the things I wasn’t having for lunch.

This causes me to think even deeper, I cannot think of a day in my life I have not had everything I need, but in the end we all want things we shouldn’t. It is human nature and the key is recognizing and believing in yourself enough to know you can be happy with what you have the circumstances you find yourself in and the life you are living today.


As I take another sip………………………………………………..