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Cancer, we cringe at the very word…. Run, cover our heads and cry…

So, can I write about this WORD, can I manage to convey the hate, fear, loathing, understanding, embracing, and acceptance? Probably not, After all I am becoming an expert… My mom lost her battle to Breast Cancer, my other mother is losing the battle to Hodgkin lymphoma, the mother of the man who makes me smile every day, lost his mom to Lung Cancer, and as I am writing this my dad has just finished his fourth round of chemotherapy with folfox for Colon Cancer and is doing surprisingly well. So it is on my dad I am focusing…….

                What my dad has taught me……

                                Today is all that matters

                                Never give up

                                Love and love hard

                                Family, it is what matters most

                                No matter what!!!! Move forward

                                Go outside every day and do something

                                Cabbage soup may not always be the answer

Today is what matters most, not yesterday, it is gone…..not tomorrow it is yet to be lived, but TODAY… we can control how we face today.

Most of all never lose you sense of humor or your ability to love and laugh.

I HATE cancer but I am learning every day to embrace the lessons it teaches us. Too many of us struggle and look for answers that are not there.  The best I can do for us cancer haters is say…..Love. Josephine Dyer Cogdell Woffered, William Lee Cogdell, Ingeborg  T.  Allan, Jorene Elizabeth Pryor Cogdell.

                Cancer did not win…. Our memories will live forever……..