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For Valentine’s Day I got Tulips this year. They were colorful and beautiful, in fact they took my breathe away. They also taught me an important lesson. I watched them as they stood tall and proud gracing my desk and then my kitchen table. I marveled at how long they lasted, slowly opening up and flaunting their petals, and then I got busy. One morning I walked into the kitchen and noticed those same petals scattered on the table and the floor and knew my time with these beautiful flowers were coming to an end.  Glancing at them I could not help but grab my camera for what I saw was not a dying flower but a graceful new creation.

Too often we look for meaning and beauty in the large things, those life changing events or the wow moments, in reality those are just the catalyst and true meaning and beauty comes in the small day to day acts of love, kindness, forgiveness, and living. Beauty is not simply being pleasing to the eye it is living a life full of grace and humility.