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In setting goals for 2014, I struggled and beat myself up for all those I missed in 2013. 365 photo a day challenges I dropped out of, weekly post to this blog I stumbled over and the list goes on. In the end I asked what can I do, what do I do, and what do I want? The answer was simple I want to shoot and shoot often. I want to improve and I want to stretch myself.

Under every tree is a great root system, they have 3 main purposes support, storage and nutrient pick up. Roots are not deep most roots are found in the top 18 to 25 inches of soil. With these facts in mind I found myself thinking about trees. Like trees need oxygen to grow I need the joy taking pictures just for myself. I also need the support having a community such as this to motivate me.

So this year sprinkled among my ramblings will be 12 images, one taken each month of trees. Trees to ground me, inspire me, and stretch me. I hope this journey speaks to others also but if not, it is OK. This is for me.

This is my January tree. In the middle of the winter when we are often the coldest, the trees wait patiently for the sun and the warmth that comes year after year season after season…morning after night.