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I caught myself doing it last night, on what should have been a calm, quiet, uneventful evening I came face to face with the horror of the holiday season, the killer of joy, the Grinch of Christmas. I opened my heart to STRESS. It happens every year, some more so than others. This year has been a hard year. I lost my mother early in the year and here as we close it out my father has had serious health issues following a at the time routine surgery.  All I could see was the list of things not started the responsibility I place on myself to make everyone’s Christmas magical.  I fell head first into the trap so many of us fall in…. and then this morning as I was cleaning out my hard drives I opened this picture I took this weekend. The wonder, the joy, the innocence, how have we lost all what Christmas should be?  So I am kicking stress out the door and instead making a commitment to this return to simpler ways of celebrating Christmas, time with my loved ones because the reality is this may be the last holiday for each of us, kindness to those around me, a helping hand where I can extend it and embracing the moment and wonder and happiness………. If the true spirit of Christmas prevailed on a daily basis, the world not only would know peace, in every sense, it would know joy.