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As I sit in my warm office, thinking about everything I need to get done for the holidays and browsing through some pictures I took on yesterday’s photo walk,  I came across this picture and had to stop.  It is so easy to get caught up in feeling sorry for myself this time of year  wishing I could do more, buy more give more, when in reality all around me are individuals with much bigger needs then the ones I have.  The numbers are staggering, in Nashville there are over 4000 homeless individuals with approximately 1600 homeless children in Metro schools. So this holiday season I want to take a minute and remind myself and anyone else who stumbles across this page to not just give a nod to the issue but to do something, one small thing to help someone who needs shelter. If we all stopped turning our heads and offered a hand we could make a difference here in Nashville and it starts with me.

For information on a wonderful opportunity please visit this link  Project Homeless Connect Nashville 2013,