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Today as Kate and I sat and cuddled enjoying our morning bottle I noticed her studying me so intently, at 4 months she is trying hard to figure out this world. I told her I wish I knew the thoughts she was thinking before she had the words to share but those thoughts are going to have to wait until she is older. When we are babies, our brains are more open to the shaping hand of experience than at any time in our lives. In response to the demands of the world, the baby’s brain sculpts itself. Scientists have begun to understand how that happens, but as Neurologist Carla Shatz says, “There’s a great mystery left. Our memories and our hopes and our aspirations and who we love all of that is in there encoded in the circuits. But we only have the barest beginnings of an understanding about how the brain really works.”  Later as I finished up some post processing work I could not help but look into the eyes of this little man….. he is further down the road than Kate in brain development but still his eyes say it all, let me go, let me explore, let me enjoy the treasures of being a child there is important work going on in my head.