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I hate cancer, I hate how unfair and cruel it is. I hate how it not only leaves physical scars but also how it leaves emotional and mental scars. I hate how wears down the survivors and their family. I hate watching someone I love suffer and battle every day. This being said I am in awe of those who do battle this killer. For years I have watched my mom fight and she continues to do so every day. I know how much she has wanted to give up and how close she has come to doing so but still she fights.  I have also watched my dad stand by her and give her unconditional love. I know how hard it has been. I see them at their best and yes at their worst. I am so blessed to have been able to walk this journey with them and see how for better and for worse looks. It is beautiful even in the face of cancer. So to my mom I love you and will fight with you every single day we hold the enemy at bay. You are the portrait of a fighter, a winner, a survivor.