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As soon as his first baby comes into the world, a dad’s life is forever changed. A real man steps in and immediately finds ways to not only support the mother of this gift but to bond with their offspring. Here is my take on 10 things that make a real man.

Real men have spit- up stains on their suit and tie and jeans and shorts and t-shirts and…….

Real men know all the words to “The Wheels on the Bus”

Real men wear pink and baby blue receiving blankets with pride

Real men share all child-rearing responsibilities

Real men know what Johnson Baby Soap smells like

Real men have a bro bag packed with all essential diaper changing needs

Real men rock and cuddle.

Real men know how to swaddle

Real men have more baby pictures than hot babe pictures on their phone

Real men honor the mother of their children

I am so lucky to know several new, up and coming REAL MEN as they embrace fatherhood.