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I am still moving a little slow, sleeping a lot and generally just not feeling as spunky as I think I should be by now. With this in mind I have been feeling sorry for myself and my lack of energy and ability to get out and shoot as much as I want to. Today I grabbed my camera on the way to work and realized I had some pictures. I snapped last week of Surprise Lilies that bloomed at my mom’s last week. I eagerly opened them today and was feeling so disappointed. They were horrible; I had been on pain meds and definitely can see my head was not into the task. Then out of nowhere came this shot. It is not a perfect shot and in many ways it is a very bad one but it spoke to me and reminded me of the importance of perusing what makes you happy in good times and in bad. Sometimes it is not the technically perfect picture which speaks to us but the surprise and joy we feel in taking a image and finding its best potential no matter the circumstance.