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I am behind this week. I have not posted a new picture in several days and to be honest I have not  taken any serious pictures. The pictures I have taken have been much more valuable. It is OK  because what I have been doing is focusing my time and attention on some girlfriends. We have not all been together in 18 years. Yes It sounds like a life time and in many ways it has been. We have all loved and some of us have lost. We have all had adversity of one type or another. There has been death, divorce, financial difficulties. We have all bounced around the country like ping pong balls. Alaska, Tacoma, Clarksville, L.A, Nashville, Chicago and settled into the states we now call home. We have had children grow up and have children of their own. We started out as young, sometimes scared, many times lonely Army spouses and this weekend we discovered we are all very strong, successful, individuals who never missed a beat. Not one time did we feel we were among strangers, not time, or distance, nor life could weaken this bond called Sisterhood. So to my Cali girls I love you and am glad I have not posted since you got here and today I am missing each of you as much as when we all left Fort Ord. I know with the three of you in my life I will never be alone.