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Today is a day for saying thank you to the Hero’s in our lives. Those men who sacrificed and poured out their love, time, resources and lives to make us the individuals we are. Now I know not everyone had the best dad in the world, some even have dads who failed miserably. I also know some of the most awesome dads in the world are not biological dads but men who fathered by choice. Some dads reading this may not be able to have contact with those children who own their hearts and today is a heartbreaking day. I know all of this but still it is a day to say I love my daddy. My dad is without a doubt my hero, a role model for my son, a man of dignity and integrity. A man who gives everything he has and ask for nothing in return. I hope when I grow up I can be like him!

                Happy Father’s Day to all the men who choose to Father no matter the circumstance.


and to the newest Dad in my life…. everyone can see he has already won her heart.