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Today was the 4th Annual Summer Research Institute, Held by the Grant I work on. This daylong conference provides Early Childhood Professionals in our area an opportunity to participate in a free conference based on research proven concepts in Early Childhood. It was a long day for us as we finished setting up and going through all the little things that need to happen to pull off a conference like this. It was also was a very gratifying day as I reconnected with professionals I had not had an opportunity to see in awhile. (I tend to spend most of my days now focused on the technology that drives our program rather in the field with the providers.) And I was able to interact with many new and dedicated young adults who have a passion for “How are the Children” I took pictures galore and had a full day. I have always been passionate about Quality Early Childhood Education, but now I have a new reason to be a supporter and an advocate. I want the best in the field in my life and I want to know that this beautiful child I love with all my heart has a safe, nurturing environment to spend her time away from those of us who love her the most when her mommy returns to work. Yes it was a good day but this evening was even better as I was able to provide a date night for the new love of my life’s parents and snap this quick picture.