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I’m feeling grumpy this morning. It’s Wednesday so I should be sailing towards the weekend but instead I’m letting all the little things get to me. The HVAC unit was acting up last night so sleep was elusive. The traffic report warned me before I even was out of the shower that it was going to be a “SLOW ROLL” the list could go on and on. So pulling out of the driveway in no hurry to sit on the bypass I noticed this little fellow smiling at me. He is new in my weed garden. I mean wildflower showcase. And he is so happy among the blues and whites currently in control. I have a separate area where Black Eye Susan’s are in control but this little guy is rogue. He has claimed his place and cheerfully winks at everyone around him. He made me smile, stop and grab my camera. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all be like him? If only we would learn to let the little things go and learn to be content in the moment wouldn’t we then be the bright smile we bring to others faces.


Or we can be like these little guys afraid to leave the trail others are laying for us.