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Today disaster struck, true disappointing disaster. I had a wonderful weekend but as my weekends seem to go I had so much going on my camera just did not have a chance. So tonight I was full of anticipation to spend time with a shot I had thinking about for several days. My house is on the market so I live as an invisible guest sometimes, always careful to clear away the evidence before I leave each morning. This means a shot that requires a significant amount of setup is a major project. Tonight I went through the steps and pulled out the tripod, the lights, the clamps, the tape, the poles, the subject. I pulled out the works. I set the shot, I took a few test shots. I made the adjustments and then it happened…… Replace battery pack. No problem, I was a Girl Scout and a Den Mother and pride myself on being prepared. I had charged my spare battery pack the end of last week. Except it too was dead……. I am devastated but the house is restored and two batteries are charging.

Is there  anything good to come of this? I hope so, feeling lost and needing something to cheer me up I went back to a group of photos I had made a couple of weeks ago and never processed. They were not my favorites and really had been an experiment with exposures on a cloudy grey day. And today’s picture is a tribute to finding something in the simplest of places and pictures. A lesson on finding success in the middle of  disaster.