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Today I went to the park for lunch. I went with the plan to get a picture for today to post. Flowers, ducks, lovers walking hand in hand I knew I would find something that would catch my eye and provide me with a photo I wanted to share. While sitting there I happened to notice a older gentleman shuffling along the path. He moved slow and his head was kept down avoiding eye contact with those he passed. He stopped at a bench and eased himself down not far from a trashcan. For the next half hour I watched saddened as he waited for people passing by to throw the remains of their lunch away. Each time he would slowly work his way up from the bench and remove the fast food bag looking for scrapes of food. Finally I could no longer stand it and I slipped to my car and drove the 5 min it took to a local fast food restaurant there I ordered a meal and drove back to the park. Getting out of my car I walked over and handed him the bag saying not a word. He looked at me and the tears began to flow. In those eyes I saw pride, fear, defeat, thankfulness and love.

I did not take his picture, his face is not important. What is important is his humanity. Everyday we pass the hungry, the hurting, those who have reached the bottom and can no longer help themselves up. Who are we to judge when in reality what we need to do is hold out our hand one person at a time.